Professor Ludwig Neyses

Heart Failure Research Group

last updated Feb 2012

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Heart failure affects about 1 million people in the UK alone costing well over one billion pounds per year as well as carrying a high death toll. Whereas the number of heart attacks is falling throughout the Western world, heart failure and diabetes are the only diseases of the heart and blood vessels (also called ‘cardiovascular’) on the increase, which is why we focus on reducing their toll.    



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  • The Heart Failure Group at Manchester University and Central Manchester Foundation Trust is part of Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre, one of the largest institutions in the world focussing on the seamless integration of research and patient care. All our research is designed to benefit the patient, either in the immediate future or more long-term and we have a global reputation for our ‘translational research’ approach. Translation is the application of research knowledge to patient care and has many facets, from basic experimentation to solve questions of disease causation to application of diagnostic and treatment guidelines in everyday practice.
    In a large team of medical doctors, basic scientists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and highly skilled administrators pulling together talent and expertise from 8 different countries we tackle all aspects of heart failure. We also have an extensive teaching and training programme for under- and postgraduate medical, life science and other students. 

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    The present website is mainly concerned with discovery and patient-oriented research. If you are a patient or carer wishing to be seen in our heart failure clinic, one of the largest in the UK and Europe, please go through the normal NHS routes (via your GP). 

        If you are a student wishing more information, please, go to the

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        relevant section of this website and if you have further questions,